The Crossfire can be easily mounted using only one bracket; however due to varying bolt configurations on dual wheels, one to three mounting brackets are provided depending upon the Crossfire model ordered.

Read directions before installing!


  • Hex Bolt
  • Split-Lock Washer
  • One Crossfire
  • “How to Read” Decal


  • Impact Wrench or Socket Set
  • 9/16″ End Wrench
  • ½” Open End Wrench


  • Inspect the valve stems and cores of the tires. Make sure all threads on valve stems are intact. If threads are stripped or stems are crushed, they will have to be replaced. Check and clean stem threads and cores of all mud and debris that might be present. Do not use with rubber valve stems or valve stem extenders.
  • Attach the hose with straight fitting first to avoid air escaping from the tire during installation, then attach the outside hose. DO NOT USE HOSE TO TIGHTEN! As you tighten the nut, air will begin to leak when the valve core is depressed. When the gasket bottoms out, air leakage will stop. From this point, tighten the nut 1 to 1½ additional turns. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! This will cause shortened hose life and potential leaking.
  • Based on wheel type, determine which bracket to use.
  • Select the axle cap bolt or wheel lug bolt for Crossfire mounting; make sure hose easily reaches the valve stems of both tires. Do not put excessive pressure on either hose. Do not be concerned with the position of hoses; the swivel fitting at the valve allows them to self-adjust into proper position.
  • Attach the Crossfire valve to the bracket by tightening the hex bolt and split-lock washer with a 9/16″ end wrench.
  • Mount the bracket onto the selected wheel bolt.
  • After installing the Crossfire, check all fittings with bubble liquid or soapy water to ensure there are no leaks.
  • Place “How to read” sticker on a convenient location. It allows anyone who may operate or maintain the truck to understand how the Crossfire operates.
  • Check valve with tire pressure gauge every 60 days to assure accuracy and remove any contamination.
  • If you have questions, please contact our service department, 800-228-0394, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday.